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ThinkPad Tablet 10 DockI bought a Lenovo ThinkPad 10* with Windows 8.1 Pro some months ago, and I have been quite satisfied with it, although it is has been a bit slower than I expected, and the tablet often had problems in the docking station (ThinkPad Tablet 10 Dock).

It turned slow and unresponsive and had to be disconnected from the dock to recover. Mostly it worked just fine for most of my purposes: Word, Power Point, Photoshop, Audition, Audacity, InDesign, Atari’s Magic: Battlegrounds.

However, it struck me that I could try a fresh install with an original MS Windows 8.1 Pro medium. I did, and I only installed the drivers from Lenovo that had to be installed, such as Sound, Intel Chipset, Bluetooth. I also disabled the encryption chip. (Who the hell trust those chips, anyway?)

So far, the effect has been overwhelming. The tablet is much more responsive and quicker at loading than it was with the preinstalled Windows 8.1 Pro and the Lenovo drivers and programs. And so far — alas — there has been no strange behavior in the docking station. Will it last? If it does, then Lenovo needs to rethink its approach to preinstalled software.

* 4GB RAM, Intel Atom Z3795 (64bit), 128 GB SSD, LTE

This is a gonzo-review starting already before the installation is finished. It takes a looong time for anything to happen. But, OK, the netbook or whatever you call it, is an old Atom thing from before the Arabian spring. The version of Ubuntu is something like 13.10 or perhaps 13.90?

(…) It is installed and running quite nicely. However, one thing struck me like a rabbit screaming for more: The version system is obsolete. There needs to be ONE Ubuntu for each supported architecture, and a continuous updating on all levels.

(…) The problem of arbitrariness in hardware is, however, as huge as it is in Windows. Fuck MacOS, which is developed to a limited set of component combinations.

The world needs to change. There must a limited number of component combinations, or else … or else the fucking world will seize to exist. Our way of life will be impossible under the spell of the arbitrariness of unlimited hardware combinations.

Hence, the NEXUS, hence that fucking iPad, hence Dell. Hence, that rotten apple of euphoric delusions!

Ubuntu must be bundled with SYSTEMS, only some SYSTEMS, and BIOS upgrade must be part of the OS upgrade system. Die, the PC!

De norske mediene og forlagene ser ikke ut til å ønske seg Amazons lesebrett Kindle. Det er knapt noen norske bøker eller aviser å oppdrive på Kindle.

Bernaard sukker. Han har fått seg en Kindle 3 og er allerede avfetisjert fra boken. To dager med Kindle 3, og jeg er overbevist om konseptet. Det som begeistrer meg aller mest er tilgangen til 3G-nettet, slik at man kan laste ned bøker og aviser omtrent overalt. Og man blir ikke fakturert for nettbruken. Hvordan i huleste har Amazon klart å få en slik avtale med glupske Telenor?

Tross alt kan man også surfe på nettet, selv om det kun er tekst som fungerer på Kindle. Skjermen er monokrom og den takler f.eks. ikke video. Refresh rate er ikke den sterkeste siden ved Kindle 3. Men skjermen er genial til tekst.  “E-blekk”-løsningen gjør det til en drøm å lese på den. Det er som å lese fra papir. Dessuten bruker skjermen veldig lite strøm og batteriet varer i ukevis. Dette er tingen for lesning.

Jeg lurer på når noen lager en app som USB-distribuerer gratis internett til laptopen? Og når skal vi få norske bøker og aviser på Kindle?

I had some trouble findig out how to copy all files from all subdirectories of my music collection into one folder. The reason why I want to do this is to be able to play my music on a Playstation 3. I am presently a happy Ubuntu-user (Ubuntu 8.04 or “Hardy Heron”), and it took me some time to find a solution in the Ubuntu Forums:

Open bash (a terminal) and type:

find /music/path  -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -I {} cp "{}" /desitination/path/ --verbose

You must obviously adapt “/music/path” and “/desitination/path/” to your needs. Please don’t ask me to explain the details of this command… (If you are moving your collection to a PS3 then you’ll have to copy all music files to one folder “MUSIC” on an external harddisk or USB pen drive. Then your PS3 will discover the music when the disk is attached to its USB-port.)