What an awful night in Paderborn with the dream dwarf. Poor Trechinsky. He had never been in Paderborn before, this boring German town with a lousy brewery. And how did he get there?

By bus, of course. Und Zumelung Weldt. Never again. Endless headaches at Hotel Kaiserpfalz. The sound of the drill in the street.

That’s what happens when you want to be wild, and you take an arbitrary buss line to an arbitrary place. Nothing good has ever come from such ideas.

Never leave Cologne—that’s and order—the man said and left. No boss-man, no!


  1. Trechinsky says:

    you look a bit intense.

  2. Trechinsky says:

    Hei, jäg gillar jonas og är scvensk

  3. Trechinsky says:

    Har du sett hva jeg skriver om Joaquin som la seg til å sove på sofaen, mens jeg inntok en god lunsj.

  4. Bernaard says:

    Det var jo din drømmedverg! Det er din og min dverg! (Elregn)

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