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Viser innlegg fra desember, 2006

The Chair from Hell

This chair nearly killed me, when I stayed in Cambridge for a while. I was planning to sit down. I was planning to drink a beer and watch a movie. I had moved the chair close to my bed... But the Chair from Hell had decided to move another place, and I fell backwards on the steel bed-frame, and my back hurt so badly! To put it in perspective: The pain was manifold the one I experienced when I fell from a cliff hanging by a thin steel wire (which luckily had twisted itself around my arm). I fell on the floor, but couldn’t scream, since it was late in the night, and the ambitious Cambridge students had to sleep before a long day of reading and strange college rituals. So I had to lay on the floor, wondering if the world was ever going to be the same, and then had to control the volume of my laughter.

Tuborg juleøl (2006)

This year the Tuborg juleøl is not worth drinking! It is awful!