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Viser innlegg fra mars, 2007

Evening Persuasion

It is a persuasion. It happens only once. No harm done. Everything is perfectly back to normal. Although the mountains swallow the sea and so on. It is only a Sunday evening persuasion.

Bombadhullah and the Blonds

Herr Schmidt Nadel von der Boyck met on the behalf of Count Diderich der Schlabb am Müle von Überhosen im Schmidt Gar Nicht Interessiert. The heretic Turkish prince Bombadhullah the Mulla was not allowed into the entrance hall for reasons only known to himself. The bald man speaks. It is incredible how long bald men live. "What about the Mulla?" he asks. "He has a cousin in the mountains, the great Mohammafari Nucadhull. And the same evil blood runs through the veins of president Boom Pang of the Lu Cky Republick." "So let him stand in the door with a welcome drink and look evil! And if he enters the hall, let us arm the blonds again!" The blonds are all flirting with the other blonds, and the bald man seems to sleep again.