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Viser innlegg fra oktober, 2007

The Ubuntu Show

Once I was a wholehearted SuSE addict, but that was before Novell bought it, from 8.0 to, what was it, 9.2 or something? I remember that it took me no time to set up a box as a LAN router, firewall and a file server (Samba). Then I turned to CentOS, since it was so easy to get a web server going. The age of laptops came over me, and I bought myself a room in a web hotel (and didn't need a stationary server any more). Which distro to use on a modern laptop? I installed Ubuntu 7.04 and upgraded recently to 7.10. Things have really improved in Linux. A lot of interface coding has been done, and all my blessings to the coders! Why spend four hours editing configuration files, when it can be done by a program?

Soulens relevans

Det er visst ingen tvil om at soulen er relevant på Bluesasylet. Sister Rosetta beviser det: "I am so blue. I have almost lost my mind ... Sometimes I feel like dying ..." Jeg lurer på om hun så lyset til slutt? "Shout, sister, shout!" Fantastiske opptak i dag.