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Viser innlegg fra mai, 2010

Information overload

The share complexity of human civilization makes it impossible for any one individual to see the whole picture. This simple fact means that no man or woman fully understands the present or can predict the future. The major change in our time, is the exchange of information. Internet enables us to glimpse the heterogeneous and completely irrational reality in which we dwell. And truth is a battle zone somewhere in Asia. An Indian air plane crashes and there are perhaps eight survivors. Four soldiers and a civilian NATO person die. Obama establishes a committee to find out what happened in the BP oil drilling accident. Statistics in non-consumable quantities. Someone you don’t remember on Facebook goes to Cambodia. Do you want to buy this? Or do you want to buy that? In this climate of information overload, myth and religion will thrive and become historical monsters once again. But the myths will be new, and who will distinguish between myth and truth?

Trechinsky ruler skåla

Trechinsky er på skåla igjen, hodet opp i skåla og baken i været. Gurgler og hoster mens naboens bukk kommer inn på dassen. Bukken og skåla. Det er meg en sann fredagskveld. Spr ikke han om bukken!?