A card game in PHP and Javascript

Description: A turn-based «card game», not completely different from commercial card games based on magic, but simpler than most and free. It has land cards and spells. You need a certain number of lands to throw a certain spell. A spell either summons a creature, which remains in play until it is killed, or the spell have an instant effect (on creatures, other spells, lands or players) and then dissolves.The only permanents are lands and creatures, which remain in play until they are somehow destroyed.

Currently, the following spells are being developed:

Garbage Rat
Stormy Poet
Howling Cow
Single Mother / CIA Agent
Taunting Oak
Lesser Avatar
Whiplash Girl-Child
Hazy Shimbalong
Abnormal Sheep
Confused Semi-Good
Yellow Snake
Unborn Shiwa
Talking Mirror
Ancient Monk
Recent Incarnation
Freaky Cat

Heart Sutra Curse
Confused and Destructive
Kamma Sutra Orgie
Rat Circus

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