Mounting Novell shares in CentOS 5

How to mount Novell shares in CentOS 5 (a solution which involves disabling iptables).

1. First, of all, you need to install the centosplus kernel. Enable the centosplus repository in /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo, which you probably know how to do already. However, you must find the centosplus section in that file and set enabled=1.

2. To install the centosplus kernel, just do a yum update kernel.

3. I installed ncpfs-2.2.6-7.i386.rpm and ipxutils-2.2.6-7.i386.rpm from which seem to work well in CentOS (32-bit), although compiled for Fedora.

4. Reboot and you should be able to mount Novell shares. Note, however, that you might do something to iptables (like turning it off). I didn’t manage to keep a Novell share mounted with iptables running… Be warned, you turn off your firewall! If you are geeky enough, I’m sure you’ll find a way to make iptables handle ncpfs and ipxutils (Post a comment then, if it doesn’t involve recompiling the kernel…).

The Ubuntu Show

Once I was a wholehearted SuSE addict, but that was before Novell bought it, from 8.0 to, what was it, 9.2 or something? I remember that it took me no time to set up a box as a LAN router, firewall and a file server (Samba). Then I turned to CentOS, since it was so easy to get a web server going. The age of laptops came over me, and I bought myself a room in a web hotel (and didn’t need a stationary server any more). Which distro to use on a modern laptop? I installed Ubuntu 7.04 and upgraded recently to 7.10. Things have really improved in Linux. A lot of interface coding has been done, and all my blessings to the coders! Why spend four hours editing configuration files, when it can be done by a program?