The Olympic tragedy

It is as horrible to Bernaard, as it is to anyone with a minimal sense of justice, to see the Olympic torch pass through the streets of Lhasa with thousands of people dancing and celebrating to the tones and rhythms of the authoritarian Chinese regime.

How could the Olympic committee accept that the torch passed through occupied territory—a country in which ethnic Tibetans have been suppressed and killed? Did the committee not realise that this is a victory to the dictators of China, an acceptance of China’s ethnic cleansing of Tibet? Perhaps the committee has been convinced by Chinese propaganda claiming that Tibet has been Chinese all the time? (Which is nothing but one of several lies generated by the Chinese system.)

In fact Tibet and China have been related in history, but before the time of communism the relationship was between two free states, and it was defined by a principle of mutual respect. Nowadays, however, the Chinese authorities show no respect for historical truths and human rights. They surf on the golden waves of globalism which have made the Western world economically dependent on the vast dictator dynasty in the East (or in the middle, perhaps?)—a dictator state with intercontinental nuclear weapons and an enormous army.

There are no reasons to romantisise the old Tibetan regime, which was no democracy. The Tibetan culture was, however, far more human than present day China. The former dictator state of Iraq was nothing compared to what China has become. The main difference is that China is good with propaganda and lobbying directed towards the West. It seems that the Olympic committee has fallen for the charm of police state rhetorics.

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